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Insects like termites may do a great deal of damage. Every year, they are responsible for damages to structures that amount to billions of dollars. Because termites are so little it’s possible that you won’t realize they’ve infested your furnishings until you find some telltale symptoms of their presence. When it comes to termites in your house, the signs of damage will vary depending on the species of termite that caused it.

Drywood termites are most likely the pests responsible for the infestation in the household furnishings that you are presently utilizing. It doesn’t matter if you got them from the best suppliers in your country such as furniture stores Canberra. Being proactive is the most effective strategy for preventing termites from invading your house and damaging your furnishings. If you follow these easy procedures, you should be able to prevent termites from inhabiting your furniture:

Make sure that the furniture stays dry. Subterranean termites may easily colonise areas of your furniture where there is moisture present, such as in or around the doorframe. It is not a good idea to keep your furniture in a wet area, such as a crawlspace or a garage. 

Never clean furniture pieces with water or any other liquid; instead, use a dry towel to dust and polish the surface. During the wet season, you need to exercise extra caution in order to keep your wooden furniture that is kept on a porch or balcony from getting wet. Your wooden furniture can be better preserved if you paint it once a year with a new coat of water-resistant paint.

A protective barrier against termites may be created by polishing your furniture. Varnishes and polishes that are oil-based and resistant to termites can be applied on wooden furniture which can help ward off infestations of termites. These polishes provide a protective surface that is tough and lustrous when it is applied generously all over the piece of furniture, particularly on the foundation and the legs.

Even if you enjoy vinegar and oil on your salads, termites do not find it appetizing in the least. When a mixture of oil and white vinegar isapplied to your furnitureit forms a barrier that termites are unlikely to attempt to overcome.

Try Some Aloe Vera. When you use it on your furniture, the gel from aloe vera produces a barrier that prevents termites from entering it. However, it is imperative that you make use of genuine aloe vera. The aloe vera gel that is sold in stores typically contains chemicals and perfumes that, rather than warding off termites, can actually cause an increase in their population.

Termites may be avoided in your home totally by keeping them away from your furnishings. Eliminating excess moisture in your home is the first step in protecting it from termites. Termites require moisture to thrive and cannot survive within open air for any period, therefore installing a dehumidifier in your home and sealing any water pipe cracks is the best line of protection against them.

Mark Boon